Windows For North Vancouver Apartments, Condos, & Multi Unit Homes

North Vancouver’s trusted window manufacturing and installation service

Condos, apartment complexes, and multi unit homes pose numerous challenges for management and construction companies, but outsourcing your window design and manufacturing needs to us saves time and money. 

Whether you need replacement windows or are building a new complex, our experts will provide a range of window styles and handle all stages of the installation process. 

With affordable payment plans and high-performance materials, Van Isle Windows makes it easy to upgrade your building and attract more interest.

Custom windows for large-scale projects

Finding stylish options that align with your budget is the biggest challenge when selecting windows for large-scale projects. Our extensive experience in manufacturing windows from high-quality materials means we can cater to all of your needs and offer affordable prices. 

From classic to modern styles and character windows, we give you a range of options that will elevate your building’s curb appeal and improve its efficiency. 

Whether you rent properties out to tenants or plan to sell individual units, investing in windows from us demonstrates your commitment to quality and sustainability.

A man installing a window.

Quality windows from our factory to your building

As a dedicated window manufacturing and installation company, we’re able to offer unparalleled support from your initial consultation to installing the windows. 

Prospective clients can visit our factory and view available window styles, but we also meet you on-site to assess the building. 

Creating the windows in-house also enables us to offer customization options, including different colours, glass panes, and finishes. Whatever your vision is, we’ll do our best to bring it to life.

Windows with brown trim and grey siding on a house.

Manufactured to the highest standards

As a property developer or manager, you’ll know that success lies in whether the building generates genuine interest and qualified leads. In the continued effort to save our planet, people look for energy efficiency when choosing a new home. 

Striking that elusive balance between sustainability and aesthetic appeal is hard enough—operating on a limited budget can make finding the perfect windows near impossible. 

Our windows are manufactured to the highest standards, with Low-E glass and double or triple panes. We also offer a variety of styles, ensuring your property has plenty of curb appeal.

A man installing a window into a house.

Window installation services

As a full-service window provider, we handle all elements of the installation process, saving you money. Once your windows are ready, we’ll arrange a date and begin the work, sending our certified experts to your site. 

We don’t outsource to anyone, which enables us to maintain strict quality guidelines. Once the installation process is complete, our specialists will clean up any debris, letting you focus on other areas of your project.

Why Choose Us

We began our journey in 1978, and since then, we’ve grown to become one of North Vancouver’s most popular window manufacturing and installation companies. 

With an in-house team of experts, we can support customers with projects of all sizes, including large-scale window installations for apartment complexes and multi unit homes. 

Working with us gives you access to various benefits, including the opportunity to position your building as a smart investment for prospective renters and buyers.

Customized windows
All our window frames are customizable, enabling you to put a unique stamp on the design. We give customers a spectrum of colours and finishes, with material choices that align with all architectural styles.
You’ll have the chance to visit our factory and view different window styles, making it easy to visualize how they’ll blend with your building.
Energy Star-rated
Energy-efficient windows are no longer a should-have but a must-have. Prospective tenants and buyers are more likely to invest in a property that prioritizes sustainability and promises to reduce their energy bills.
Our windows are Energy Star-rated and meet the highest efficiency standards. Installing them reduces your building’s carbon footprint and ensures consistent temperature regulation.
Unparalleled reputability
We’ve supplied high-quality windows for over four decades and have a strong reputation as one of Vancouver Island’s go-to companies for quality installation.
With awards from the Times Colonist and Torch that cement our commitment to customer experience, we’re always striving to achieve more.
Certified installation professionals
Installation is a breeze with our team of certified professionals, who will complete the project on time with minimal disruptions. As members of Fenestration Canada and FGIA, our team undergoes extensive training to ensure a seamless installation.
With high standards in place, you have peace of mind that your new windows will last for years—we’ll also clear up after ourselves.
Convenient payments
We understand that installing windows in large complexes can be challenging, as you must balance quality and affordability. However, with us, you don’t have to worry about upfront payments.
Our customers can take advantage of convenient payment plans that allow you to split the cost of your windows into monthly instalments.
High-performance glass
Low-E glass is renowned for retaining heat and maintaining consistent temperatures, making it a year-round solution for Vancouver buildings. We also use argon gas, which is more affordable than krypton but enhances energy efficiency.
Customers can also choose between double or triple glass panes, with triple panes providing optimal thermal and acoustic efficiency.

We’d love to hear about your project

Please book a free consultation with Van Isle Windows today and discover how we can help you. An expert will visit your building and provide a free quote. We also encourage clients to visit our factory to view window styles.


It depends on the size of your building and whether we’re replacing some windows or performing a complete installation. Once we visit your building, we’ll give you a delivery date and always stick to our promises.

We have an enviable selection of window styles, including casement, slider and picture windows. If you’re looking for statement-making frames, our bow, basement and curve top styles are perfect for character buildings. 

Awning windows are popular for apartments because they allow for ventilation without causing water damage.

Our financing options are available upon application. Just fill out your details, and we’ll perform a quick check to assess your eligibility. In general, the monthly cost for a single-story building is $130, while double-story buildings are $235. 

Your monthly instalment will depend on the size of your building and the number of windows we install, but a specialist will issue a quote during the site visit.

Yes, they do. Our products come with a warranty, meaning we’ll repair or replace them should anything happen. Please ask us about guarantees for specific products or view our warranty page for more information.

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