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Skylights and Tunnels

Let the sun shine and light up your property

Sick of turning your lights on constantly? Fed up with feeling like the sun’s forgotten your property? Our skylights and sun tunnels are cost-effective solutions that give your home the natural light it deserves. 

Whether you have a small condo or a property with a unique architectural style, our innovative solutions brighten up your living space and enhance ventilation.

Is it time to replace your skylight or sun tunnel?

Skylights and sun tunnels are great investments for your property, but they can lose functionality over time. 

If you notice your existing sun tunnels and skylights attract a lot of condensation, or the room they’re installed in is losing hot or cold air, it’s probably time to replace them. 

Skylights over ten years old will drop in performance, but our modern solutions offer long-term energy efficiency and unparalleled security. 

Supplied by Velux, each comes with a no-leak guarantee.

A woman folding laundry with a sun tunnel above her.

Sun Tunnels

Properties with small rooms often can’t benefit from windows in these areas, but sun tunnels are ideal for injecting natural light into these spaces. 

Narrow hallways, closets, small bathrooms and other areas can come to life with sun tunnels that reduce energy bills. 

Our sun tunnels suit rooms with long spaces between the floor and ceiling, where skylights are incompatible. 

With innovative dual frosted diffusers to ensure even light distribution and Velux Patented Flexi Loc systems for easy installation, you get a cost-effective solution that opens up your property.

A woman sitting on a bed in sunlight coming from a big sunlight.


Every Vancouver Island resident knows the importance of a great skylight. The sun’s position in the winter can impact the light your property receives, while our tall trees and lush greenery can create shadows during the summer. 

Installing new skylights lets you take advantage of everything modern technology offers, including more effective locking systems and advanced features that facilitate even light distribution.

Why choose Van Isle Windows for Velux skylights and sun tunnels?

Adding a skylight or sun tunnel to your property enhances natural light without compromising security. They’re also ideal for adding value to your property, making them excellent investments if you plan to sell in the future. 

Buying sun tunnels and skylights from us gives you access to a professional installation team and ongoing support.

We work with Velux
Velux is a globally renowned manufacturer of skylights and sun tunnels with over 80 years of experience in the industry. The company's unique approach to innovations means you can benefit from easy locking systems and advanced sustainability.
We choose to work with Velux because they align with our values and commitment to giving each customer the best possible solutions for their needs.
Excellence in installation
Our installation experts are members of Fenestration Canada and certified by the FGIA, demonstrating their professionalism and credibility. We ensure your installation goes smoothly and quickly while also guaranteeing quality.
Our team will fit in with your schedule and minimize disruptions while taking care of the cleanup process.
Customization options
Velux sun tunnels and skylights have a variety of customization options, enabling you to find the right solution for your home and ensure it aligns with its architectural style.
We'll always try to meet your requests wherever possible and offer a free on-site consultation to explain how we can integrate skylights and sun tunnels into your property.
Convenient payments
Choosing us gives you access to convenient payment plans that make the cost of premium Velux skylights and sun tunnels more affordable.
We offer financing options that split the costs of each purchase into convenient monthly payments. Now, nothing will hold you back from upgrading your property.

Learn more about our skylights and sun tunnels

We offer a range of Velux products and would love to help you choose the right option for your property. Booking a free consultation with an expert means we can evaluate your home and assess which sun tunnels and skylights align with your preferences. 

Contact us today, and we’ll arrange an on-site visit. You’ll also receive a free, no-obligation quote and timeframe.


Yes, they do. The sun tunnels have a 10-year warranty, while the skylights have varying warranties depending on your chosen style and features. During your free consultation, we’ll explain each product’s warranty, ensuring you can make the best choice for your needs.

The best thing about sun tunnels is their versatility. Whether you have a character property or smaller rooms that don’t attract much natural light, installing a sun tunnel can brighten the space and enhance ventilation. 

Skylights are also highly versatile, and many rooms can accommodate them. Booking a consultation with our experts is the best way to explore your options.

All skylights have a lifespan—especially older models. They’ll generally last around ten years, but poor installation and long-term weather exposure can shorten their life expectancy. 

If you notice any of the following, it’s probably time for a replacement: 

  • Visible signs of water damage and leaks 
  • Cracks in the frames or glass 
  • Glass panes that accumulate fog 
  • Heating or cooling systems becoming less effective 
  • Noticing visible drafts 

While replacing your skylights does cost money, the long-term benefits include lower energy bills, a better living environment, and enhanced security.

In general, installation can take a couple of hours for small projects or up to a day. It depends on what we’re installing and how complex the process is. 

We’ll give you a timeframe during your initial consultation to ensure a smooth experience.

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