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Replacement Sealed Units

Enhance your property’s security and energy efficiency the stress-free way

When it comes to windows, the frames often take centre stage, allowing you to put a unique stamp on the style. 

However, the sealed units define how well your windows function, sealing the gap between two or more panes of glass and optimizing the window’s performance. 

If you notice your windows aren’t retaining heat or seem to attract moisture, the sealed units are probably to blame. 

The good news is that our sealed replacement unit services on mid-Vancouver Island prevent the need for a full window replacement, saving you time and money. 

With an expert team of installers and a range of glass pane options, Van Isle Windows ensures your windows maintain their performance.

We manufacture and install cost-effective sealed units

Sealed units use two or three glass panes, separated by a spacer and sealed around the edges to ensure thermal and acoustic efficiency. We fill the gap between the glass panes with gas, contributing to the window’s overall performance. 

Replacing windows can be expensive, but our sealed unit services means we can leave the frames intact, but install new glass panes. 

Save money, discover renewed confidence in your windows and look forward to lower energy bills—Van Isle Windows has you covered.

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Double or Triple-Pane Windows

We offer a range of glass pane options, giving you access to high-performance windows. Double glass panes combine two sheets of glass, giving your home higher levels of security and reducing noise pollution. 

Triple panes are becoming more popular in urban areas because they block out noise and ensure homes retain their temperatures. Choosing triple glass panes is a good decision if you want to reduce your energy bills over time.

Taking advantage of our convenient payment options means you can benefit from optimal window performance in the long run for your home or building.

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High Performance Guaranteed

While some sealed units use krypton gas, we utilize argon gas because of its performance and affordability. Argon also works well with Low-E glass, renowned for its ability to regulate heat flow and maintain consistent temperatures. 

Our replacement sealed units reduce the risks of water entering your property and lower your carbon footprint, making them a smart investment for the future.

A man installing a new window.

Replacement Unit Installation

Working with Van Isle Windows gives you access to an expert team of installation specialists who will visit your property and measure the windows. 

We handle all installation elements, including assessing whether your frames require repairs and helping you choose the best glass panes for your budget and needs. After installing the panes, we’ll take care of the cleanup, ensuring minimal disruptions.

Why Choose Van Isle Windows?

Our commitment to customer experience sets us apart from many Mid Vancouver window companies. We’re not here to treat you like another money-making opportunity; we pride ourselves on offering reputable service. 

While others might try to upsell and encourage you to order new window frames, we save you money and future-proof your home. 

Here’s why Vancouver Island residents choose us.

Over four decades of experience
Van Isle Windows was founded in 1978, and since then, we’ve provided cost-effective window and door installation services for homes across Vancouver Island.
We commit ourselves to providing our customers with convenience and various customization options. We’re proud of the company we’ve built and would love to help you enhance window performance.
Peace of mind
Windows should be a long-term investment that protects your property for years. Our replacement sealed units come with warranties and sturdy glass panes, giving you peace of mind that they’ll maintain optimal functionality.
Certified Technicians
Our installation professionals are fully certified by the FGIA and Fenestration Canada. We’re also Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce members and have BBB A+ accreditation.
Working with us means you’re getting support from a professional service with proven reputability. As recipients of numerous prestigious awards, you can always have confidence in our services.
Energy Star-Rated windows
Energy Star is the gold standard for all windows. It guarantees energy efficiency, optimal performance, and seamless temperature regulation. We’re proud suppliers of Energy Star-rated windows, which allow our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.
Installing these windows can also be beneficial if you sell the property in the future, as they’re proven to lower energy bills and ensure consistent temperatures.

Discover our replacement sealed units

If you’d like to discover our replacement sealed unit options, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation today. We’ll arrange an on-site visit and issue a free quote. You’ll also receive a timeframe, which we guarantee to stick to.


You might not be immediately aware that you need to replace sealed units, but the following signs mean they’re not functioning correctly: 

  • Moisture Accumulation: When air breaches the space between glass panes, your windows accumulate a lot of moisture or seem to fog up regularly. 
  • Drafts: If you notice drafts around your windows, the seals aren’t stopping air from entering the room. 
  • Glazing Damage: Windows with cracks or breaks mean the glazing won’t work properly. 
  • Water Pools: Water shouldn’t collect around your windows, and any signs of leaks mean the units need replacing immediately.

Replacing sealed units does require an investment, but the short-term costs far outweigh the expense of fixing property damage. Sealed units failing to operate correctly can expose your home to excess moisture, resulting in mould growth. 

Inconsistent temperatures also mean you’ll use artificial heating and cooling systems more, increasing energy bills. Damaged sealed units might increase the risk of security breaches, but replacing them is the best way to safeguard your home.

Our customers can apply for finance, allowing them to split the cost of replacement sealed units into convenient monthly payments. We make it easy to protect your home without worrying about outright costs.

In some cases, we can perform repairs, but it depends on how severe the damage is. We recommend replacements because they’ll last longer and ensure your windows are stable. 

Repairs might provide an immediate fix, but strong winds and storms could cause them to break, damaging your property. 

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