Mid Vancouver Island
New Home Construction

Direct-to-order windows for new home constructions

Building a new home should be an exciting process where you get to put your stamp on every design element. Van Isle Windows offers factory-direct window designs that align with your vision and provide unparalleled security. 

Our customers can access affordable prices without compromising quality with a selection of styles available.

Custom new home windows without the added stress

Whether you’re building a property to live in or are a contractor, our unique window manufacturing and installation service is designed for convenience. We get that there are many things to consider, and working with our dedicated team streamlines your project. 

With a commitment to adhering to your timeframes, we’ll provide you with design inspiration and invite you to sample our windows on-site. 

A specialist also delivers the windows on time, always—that’s our promise to you.

A modern pacific-northwest style house with grey, white and black colours and wood accents.

Modern Windows

Newer homes come to life with modern windows that fit seamlessly into their clean lines. With so many contemporary window styles, finding the perfect solution for any property is easy. 

Casement windows are highly customizable, and darker frames will give them a modern look, while picture windows provide awe-inspiring views and promote energy efficiency.

A two-level brick house with white trim on windows.

Traditional Windows

Traditional windows are perfect for properties with character, adding intricate details that emphasize their timeless appeal. Slider windows are convenient to operate and are available in horizontal or vertical sliding designs. 

Our slider windows have all the modern functionality you’d want, including glazing options and advanced locking systems, with bespoke design options that transform them into focal points.

A new home being constructed with lots of various windows and dark trim for the windows.

Unique Windows

Building your own property is a great way to stand out—so don’t let the windows restrict your style. Our beautiful character windows are bespoke to your specifications and come in a unique array of colours and styles. 

Bay and bow windows make an immediate impression, increasing your interior space and allowing light to flood the room. We also offer custom curved top windows, injecting timeless elements into your new home.

Why Choose Us?

Since 1978, Van Isle Windows has worked with construction professionals and residential customers, providing new home windows that align with their unique requirements. Our factory might be a hub of activity, but we take our commitment to your satisfaction seriously. 

Each window is crafted by a team of dedicated professionals who go out of their way to exceed your expectations. Choosing custom windows from us gives you access to many benefits, including:

We’re always on time
Understandably, you don’t want anything to get in the way of your new home construction project, and our dedicated team will always work to your timeframe.
From contacting us to selecting your windows, you’ll receive ongoing support and guaranteed delivery on your chosen date.
Style and sophistication guaranteed
Windows provide a glimpse of what visitors can expect upon entering your property.
Whether it’s a modern, streamlined architectural masterpiece or a classic design with refined style, windows are integral to creating a memorable impression. Our window frames always guarantee style and sophistication.
Peace of mind
When you purchase new home construction windows from us, you get peace of mind through a warranty. We’re confident that our windows will last for a long time, and we give each customer a guarantee.
If anything goes wrong with your windows, we’ll replace them at no extra charge.
Crafted with the finest glass
We want your windows to last for years, so we use high-performance glass for enhanced durability and energy efficiency. Our windows also use Low-E glass, which is renowned for its ability to retain heat and reduce energy bills.
Years of proven experience
With years of experience manufacturing and installing windows, we’re proud recipients of numerous awards, including Torch Awards and Times Colonist accolades. All of our energy-efficient windows qualify under Energy Star’s criteria, guaranteeing superior quality.
Convenient payment options
You might be on a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean you should compromise on beautiful windows. Investing in modern, traditional, or statement windows from us gives you access to a range of convenient payment options.
Our customers can apply for finance and split the cost of their new windows into small monthly payments.

Book a Free Consultation Today

If you’d like to discover our energy-efficient windows for new construction homes, please don’t hesitate to book a free consultation with our experts today. 

We’re happy to visit you on-site or welcome you to our factory, where you can see our window styles and customization options. You’ll receive a free, zero-obligation quote and the option to decide whether to proceed.


It’s up to you! The great thing about our windows is they’re customizable to align seamlessly with any property style. Whether you’re looking for statement windows or prefer modern designs focusing on functionality, we can help.

When choosing windows for a property, it’s essential to consider the aesthetic you’d like to achieve and whether the style suits your area. 

Mid Vancouver Island windows often deal with heavy winds and rain. Compared to the rest of Canada the climate is mild, though our windows offer the best protection against humidity.

Your budget will also impact which windows you choose, but our specialists can help you select styles that align with your preferred architectural style and price point.

Our financing options let you split the costs of new windows into convenient monthly payments. The amount you pay can be as low as $130 monthly for single-storey homes and $235 for two-storey properties.

The duration of each warranty depends on the windows you choose. However, our main goal is to help you save money without sacrificing quality. During your free consultation, we’ll explain our warranties in detail, including their terms.

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