Mid Vancouver Island Apartments, Condos, & Multi Unit Homes

Seamless window manufacturing and installation for large-scale projects

Upgrading the windows in apartment complexes and multi-unit properties can be challenging for even the most experienced management company. 

With experience spanning four decades, Van Isle Windows provides properties in the Mid Vancouver Island area with affordable windows that promote energy efficiency and offer superior security. 

Our team of experts can help you with all stages of the process, from planning and selecting windows to installing them.

Our custom windows help you save money without sacrificing quality

Installing windows in large properties can be daunting, but we’re here to offer support and ensure you find window designs that align with the property’s architectural style and your price point. 

You can choose windows from our factory, enabling you to save money and enjoy the convenience of working with a team of experts who turn even the largest projects into streamlined processes.

A new house being constructed with plywood as temporary siding and lots of windows of various sizes.

Planning and Design Support

We understand that property management is a complex process and that your time is precious. The average window supplier might offer basic support, but by manufacturing our windows in-house, we can focus on meeting your needs.

You receive a free consultation for your windows, and we encourage you to tour our factory. We’ll assess your building, listen to your needs and help you choose window designs that meet your style preferences.

A modern new home, recently constructed, in black and white.

Prioritizing Security and Functionality

Prospective renters and buyers want to know they’re investing in quality and security, making windows an integral component of any property. However, operating on a tight budget often means you have limited choices. 

We aim to give our customers the perfect balance of affordability and functionality, ensuring our windows meet all safety standards and promote energy efficiency. 

Ordering directly from our factory can help you reduce costs without worrying about exceeding your budget. With modern features such as enhanced locking systems and double or triple glazing, your building can benefit from superior energy efficiency.

A man installing a window into a house.

Seamless Installation

We handle installations in-house, deploying our certified experts to fit your new windows instead of outsourcing or hiring contractors. This means we can guarantee quality and excellence and adhere to the specified timeframes. 

Since 1978, we’ve worked on various large-scale projects and remain one of Vancouver Island’s most reputable window manufacturing and installation companies.

Why choose Van Isle Windows for your project?

As a multi-award-winning company, Van Isle Windows has built an enviable reputation since 1978. We continue to provide quality windows and doors for projects of all sizes. 

Much of our success is attributable to an ongoing commitment to providing each customer with impartial advice and access to a team of professionals with decades of knowledge. 

Choosing us for your condo and apartment blocks or multi-unit homes means you’re making a smart investment that will last for years.

We manufacture windows for all design preferences
Our range of high-performance windows goes beyond the traditional offerings and opens up a world of possibilities. From modern casement windows to picture windows that provide epic views and slider windows, your choices are endless with us.
We also specialise in creating character windows, including bay, bow, and curve top windows, which never fail to impress and are perfect for period buildings.
Total peace of mind
Prospective clients are welcome to tour our factory and see how we work. Understanding our strict quality control processes and viewing our windows can help you decide and have confidence in our products.
With a mission to provide each customer with the best possible solutions for their needs, we aim to give you peace of mind that we’ll always deliver beyond your expectations.
Our experts are fully certified
Our installation specialists are Fenestration Canada members and certified by the FGIA, demonstrating their expertise and credentials. We’re also Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce members and have BBB A+ accreditation.
Working with us means you’re in safe hands. You can expect a professional service with ongoing advice and support.
Energy Star-Rated windows
Windows with Energy Star ratings are the best in performance and provide significant environmental benefits. We supply these windows because of their efficiency and ability to reduce energy bills.
Opting for our windows is a proactive decision in the fight to reduce your carbon footprint and make your building a more attractive offering. With more people taking positive steps to preserve the planet, adding Energy Star windows is a sound business decision.
Customization options
Buying windows from a supplier means you have limited choices, but our factory can tailor the frames and glass to your unique specifications. We’ll bring your vision to life wherever possible, adding unique details that make your building stand out.
Visiting our factory allows you to visualize the windows, and our craftspeople will explain how we can tailor each design to meet your vision.
Flexible payments
Being on a limited budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get to make a lasting statement with your new windows. Our financing options enable you to split the cost of your windows into convenient monthly payments.
Please speak to us about financing options for large-scale projects today and discover how much money you could save.

Ready to begin your project?

If you’d like to visit our factory or have any questions, please contact us today for a free consultation. We’d love to visit you on-site and explain how our window styles can benefit your building. You’ll also receive a free, no-obligation quote and a delivery timeline.


It depends on your building’s architectural style and which styles you prefer. Older buildings come to life with slider windows or bay and box windows, while curve top windows add character and increase natural light. 

Modern buildings often choose casement and picture windows for their streamlined design and minimalist features. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we’re always here to help you make a decision.

Installing windows in a large apartment complex takes longer than a single-storey home, but we always try to complete the project quickly. Once we view the building and get an idea of your project, we’ll give you a timeframe and always stick to it.

We offer double and triple glass panes, with each offering unique benefits. Double glazing is beneficial for properties in quiet areas that require acoustic and thermal insulation, but triple glazing suits complexes in urban areas. 

Installing triple glazing can encourage more people to rent or purchase a unit in your building, but it’s more expensive than double panes.

We’ve manufactured and installed windows since 1978 and continue to be one of Mid Vancouver Island’s most reputable window companies. Choosing us gives you access to customization options and prices that align with your budget. 

Our team works collaboratively to consistently deliver on time and exceed your expectations.

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