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Replacement Sealed Units

Maximum security and seamless energy efficiency guaranteed

Window frames might define your property’s style and aesthetic appeal, but sealed units ensure functionality. These units ensure glass panes are secure and reduce the risk of water entering your property. 

Older sealed units can gradually lose performance, increasing moisture around your windows and reducing their ability to retain heat. 

Our unique window manufacturing and installation services enable you to replace sealed units without spending money on new windows. 

With a team of certified experts, we give our customers a stress-free installation and affordable prices on all replacement sealed units on Vancouver Island

Quality replacement sealed units in North Vancouver Island

Sealed units are integral to the functionality of your windows, maintaining glass pane stability and ensuring a watertight seal. Once the sealed units begin to wear, your windows will lose performance, impacting their energy efficiency. 

Our replacement services match your current windows and prevent the costs associated with new frames. With us, you can save money and enhance your home’s security.

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High-Performance Sealed Units

Krypton gas is effective for glass panes, but argon is a cost-effective solution with superior performance. We use argon and Low-E glass, as they ensure consistent temperatures and regulate heat transfer. 

Our Low-E glass and argon combination means you can save money while benefiting from premium sealed units that will protect your home for years.

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Double and Triple-Pane Glass Options

Sealed units should offer acoustic and thermal efficiency,  but old properties often have single glass panes, which aren’t effective in urban areas. Additional panes are the best way to retain heat and prevent noise pollution. 

Double panes are ideal for homes with moderate noises, but triple panes offer the most protection. Our specialists can help you choose between double and triple glazing, depending on your needs.

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Seamless Installation

With an expert team of certified installers, we’ll visit your property and assess your windows. If the frames are damaged, we might advise a complete window replacement, but we will also repair them whenever possible. 

After measuring the windows and discussing your options, we’ll manufacture the sealed units and arrange an installation date. In most cases, we can complete the project in one day and clear up after ourselves.

Why buy replacement sealed units from us?

Homeowners, developers, property managers and more in North Vancouver Island communities choose Van Isle Windows because of our long and proven history. Founded in 1978, our company supplies high-quality windows, doors and replacement units for properties across Vancouver Island. 

Working with us gives you access to a team of professionals who always go the extra mile and quality sealed units with stress-free installation.

We're Energy Star-rated
Our windows are Energy Star-rated and adhere to strict guidelines administered by Natural Resources Canada. Installing them means protecting the environment by reducing reliance on artificial heating and cooling systems.
Energy Star windows are renowned for preventing heat loss and maintaining a consistent temperature, making them ideal for homes in North Vancouver.
Durability guaranteed
Replacing your sealed units is an investment, but we guarantee long-term durability. Older sealed units often lack the modern technology that promotes seamless efficiency and water resistance, but our units will perform for years.
We also offer warranties, adding security and ongoing support if you require any repairs.
Fully certified technicians
When you choose Van Isle Windows, you can rest assured that you're working with a reputable team of experts who ensure your replacement sealed units protect your home.
As registered members of Fenestration Canada and the FGIA, our installation team respects your property. We're also a BBB A+ accredited business and proud Greater Victoria's Chamber of Commerce members.
We're award-winning
Our many years of experience and our ability to work on projects of all sizes have earned us a positive reputation as one of North Vancouver's most sought-after replacement sealed unit installation services.
With accolades from the Times Colonist, Torch and ThreeBestRated, we're proud of our commitment to customer experience and have average reviews of 4.4 stars.

Get a free quote for replacement sealed units today

Whether you need to replace the units in one or multiple windows, our manufacturing and installation services can help you save money and enjoy ongoing peace of mind. 

During your free consultation, we’ll arrange a visit to your property and issue a free quote. Please contact our friendly team today for more information.


You may not realize it immediately, but there are signs indicating the need to replace sealed units if they’re not functioning correctly:

  1. Moisture Accumulation: Air that infiltrates the space between glass panes causes moisture accumulation around the windows, which can cause them to fog up. 
  2. Glazing Damage: Cracks or broken windows indicate that the glazing is malfunctioning.
  3. Water Pools: Water should not gather around your windows, and any signs of leaks suggest an immediate need for replacement units.\
  4. Drafts: Detecting drafts around your windows indicates that the seals can’t prevent air from entering the room.

Leaving damaged sealed units to get worse can devastate your home. The windows create a barrier between your property’s interior and the outside world, shielding it from rain and heavy winds. 

When the sealed units aren’t working, the property is exposed to water damage, mould growth, and structural issues that are expensive to repair. 

Replacing your sealed units means you’re taking a proactive step and avoiding the expenses associated with structural damage.

We might be able to repair minor damage to sealed units, but our specialists will advise if a replacement is best. Sealed units perform an important task, and performing repairs can be similar to putting a bandaid on a broken bone. 

Replacing the units means they can shield your home against strong winds, heavy rainfall and snow.

Yes, we do. Our customers can apply for finance and split the cost of their sealed units into convenient monthly payments. We aim to give you a convenient and cost-effective experience without the added stress of budgeting for upfront expenses.

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