North Vancouver Island New Home Construction Windows

Customized windows for new homes from North Vancouver Island’s trusted manufacturing and installation service

Building a home is an exciting journey, and you get to choose every single architectural element—including the windows. Whether you want to go big and bold with character windows or prefer streamlined modern styles, we’re your go-to resource. 

Van Isle Windows provides various frames and glass types for all architectural styles, allowing you to tailor the property to your specifications.

High-quality windows tailored to your specifications – without the premium price tag

We’re not your average window installation company. Sure, we can offer seamless installation, but customers can order their new windows directly from our factory. 

Not only does this give you access to premium quality, but it allows us to offer competitive prices that don’t bust your budget. 

With guaranteed energy efficiency and a range of customization options, you can maximize your home’s aesthetic appeal, increase its value and make a lasting statement.

A charming little white house with blue accents and white paint with varied windows.

Traditional Windows

Fans of traditional style often build homes to recreate a piece of history. Choosing the right windows sets a tone for the property and makes it more inviting to visitors. 

Slider windows are perfect for adding rustic style to your building’s exterior. Our modern versions have high-security locks and double or triple glass panes. They’re also available with horizontal or vertical sliding mechanisms.

A modern pacific-northwest style house with grey, white and black colours and wood accents.

Modern Windows

Contemporary architectural design emphasizes minimalism and clean lines. Our selection of casement windows offers optimal functionality and a range of frame colours. 

We recommend dark or neutral tones that blend with your property and serve as focal points. 

A new house being constructed with many windows.

Show-Stopping Windows

Some homes blend in with the crowd, while others stand out and redefine the meaning of curb appeal. When you want to make a statement, Van Isle Windows is happy to curate a selection of unique custom-made windows for your home. 

We offer an array of dramatic bow and bay windows to give the illusion of more space and picture windows for panoramic views. Smaller hallways that don’t receive much natural light can benefit from curve top windows.

Why choose Van Isle Windows?

Founded in 1978, we’ve provided reputable window manufacturing and installation services for over forty years in homes across North Vancouver. 

With a solid commitment to giving customers a combination of quality and affordability, our dedicated experts will always do their best to exceed your expectations. When you order tailored windows from us, you’re investing in quality.

Windows, your way
All of our windows are customizable, giving you the opportunity to put a unique stamp on the designs. From choosing different colours and finishes to selecting materials of the highest quality, our windows give you a blank canvas to work with.
When you visit our factory, we'll help you choose windows that align with your building's architectural style and preferences.
Advanced locking systems
Security is a concern for all properties, and windows are one of the main entry points for criminals. We ensure security with all our products, installing advanced locking systems that protect your property.
Many window styles also come with a choice of locking system, enabling you to opt for convenience or maximum security.
Superior energy efficiency
Windows should achieve more than aesthetic appeal and security. Our windows use the latest technologies to ensure maximum energy efficiency. We're an Energy Star-rated company, meaning all our windows adhere to strict guidelines.
Installing them reduces your need for artificial heating and cooling while also reducing your carbon footprint.
No waiting around
You shouldn't have to wait for window installation, and that's never a problem with us. We'll give you a delivery and installation date that fits around your schedule and causes minimal disruption.
We always aim to manufacture and install your windows quickly without sacrificing quality, and we never miss a delivery date.
Work with an award-winning team
Throughout our four decades of operation, we've received an average review of 4.4 and provided homes across Vancouver Island with windows that last for years. During that time, we've also received numerous rewards from Torch and the Times Colonist.
Working with our experts gives you peace of mind that you're always getting a reputable service.
Convenient payment options
Why limit yourself to cheap windows when you can buy quality frames from us for a fraction of the price? Our customers can access financing options that let them split the cost of their new windows into monthly payments.
Single-storey windows start at $130 a month, while two-storey homes can get high-performance frames and glass for just $235.

Ready to choose windows for your new home?

If you’d like to explore our range of new home construction windows on North Vancouver Island, please contact our friendly team today. We’d love to hear about your vision and will visit you on-site to issue a free, zero-obligation quote.


New home constructions are essentially a blank canvas, but considering the types of windows you prefer before the build can help you bring your vision to life.

Traditional properties with character usually suit slider windows or something more unique, while modern properties look great with picture or casement windows. If you’re unsure of which windows you’d like, our specialists can help you.

Not only do we supply and install windows – but our specialists manufacture them in-house. Instead of relying on other companies, we have absolute control over the quality of each frame and sealed unit, giving you peace of mind that the windows will perform.

It depends on how many windows we install and which designs you choose. Bay, bow and curve top windows usually require more time, but we’ll give you a delivery date once we understand the project’s scope. 

We guarantee we always deliver and install the windows on time, ensuring nothing holds your construction back.

Yes, they do. We’re passionate about giving customers peace of mind and offering warranties for each window style. Please view our warranty page or contact us for more information.

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