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Entry Doors

Combine security with aesthetic appeal with our extensive range of entry doors

Entry doors provide a transition from the outside world into your home—but they offer much more than practicality. Our entry doors will set a tone for your property and give visitors a hint of what’s inside. 

Whether you want to make a statement or find doors that suit a character property, Van Isle Windows is the go-to place for homes on North Vancouver Island. 

We specialize in crafting and tailoring doors that elevate your home’s curb appeal and serve as functional additions.

Custom entry doors available in a range of styles

Communities and homes on North Vancouver Island are subject to humidity and rainfall, making entry doors essential to your home’s longevity. Installing secure doors protects your home from intruders and prevents damage—but these entry doors can also add a touch of flair to your home as well, while simultaneously increasing curb appeal and property value.

Forget entry doors that might function adequately but lack any unique features—discover our expertly crafted doors today. 

Available in a selection of materials, styles and colours, our entry doors keep your home safe while also making an attention-grabbing statement.

A wooden entry door on an exterior of a grey house with white trim.

Single Entry Doors

Single entry doors are a compact solution for townhouses, apartments and condos. They enable you to maximize available space without sacrificing your style preferences. We offer a range of single entry doors, including modern designs that are ideal for contemporary properties. 

Or, you can keep it classic with doors that embody traditional aesthetics and come with wood grain finishes.

A set of French Doors in white with four window panes and blinds.

French Entry Doors

Known for their unique style and endless sophistication, French entry doors never fail to make an impression. They use large panels to encourage natural light into the property and come with customization options. 

Our French doors blend seamlessly into traditional properties and serve as focal points. They can also inject timeless elements into modern architectural styles.

An exterior of a grey house with black front doors with windows on the side.

Double Entry Doors

Double entry doors exude luxury and instantly grab attention. At Van Isle Windows we’ve created a collection of double entry doors that combine affordability with quality. 

With a range of glass and material options, these doors bring your vision to life and instantly improve your home’s exterior appearance and value, while providing safety and security.

Modern house and entry doors with metal roof, and brown, white and grey siding.

Modern Entry Doors

Modern homes feature clean lines, neutral colours, and a streamlined aesthetic. Despite their simplicity in design, these properties always grab attention and will become more popular as Canada focuses on investing in new builds. 

Choosing doors for your modern home can be challenging, but our collection of single and double entry doors features advanced security features and materials that enhance their unique characteristics.

Why choose us for all your entry door needs?

Investing in entry doors shouldn’t be a painstaking process, and choosing us means you can take advantage of absolute convenience. 

We’re long time experts in helping our customers select entry doors that will stand the test of time and bring their vision to life. Here’s what makes our services unique.

Crafted In House
Since 1978, we’ve manufactured and installed entry doors for homes across the North Vancouver Island area. Our factory is a hub of continuous activity, with experts working to ensure each customer can find entry doors that serve as long-term investments.
Creating our windows and doors in-house also means we adhere to strict quality standards and test each product before installing it.
Statement-making doors
Why settle for second best when you can have entry doors that bring your vision to life? As a Van Isle customer, you have the opportunity to put your stamp on our products.
From materials that look as good as they perform to a colour-matching service, we ensure you have a seamless experience.
High-performance materials
Our material options include wood grain fibreglass, smooth fibreglass, and steel—all of which offer seamless performance and safeguard your home against damage.
Thermal efficiency is a must if you opt for French doors or want to incorporate glass panes into the design.
We provide double and triple glass panes, which prevent heat from escaping and shield the property from noise.
Quick installation
Nobody wants to wait for their entry doors to be installed, and we aim to give you a seamless experience. With an expert team of certified installation professionals, you can sit back and relax while we do all of the work.
In most cases, we’ll install your doors in one day and clean up after ourselves, so you won’t need to worry.
Four decades of happy customers
Founded in 1978, Van Isle Windows has served homes in North Vancouver for decades. During this time, we’ve helped our customers reduce their energy bills and enjoy seamless installations while adapting our products to align with modern technologies.
With an average review of 4.4 out of five and awards from the Times Colonist and Torch, choosing us guarantees quality and reputability.
Avoid upfront costs
New entry doors should reflect your personality and serve as a long-term investment for your home.
Being on a budget usually means compromising and choosing affordability over style, but our convenient payment plans give you access to premium doors for a fraction of the price.

Ready to choose your entry doors?

If you’re looking for quality entry doors, we’d love to show you our selection of styles and materials. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll visit your property to assess your needs and generate a free quote.


It depends on whether they’re performing correctly or not. Some people replace the doors to upgrade their property and make a statement, while others might notice the doors aren’t performing correctly. 

If you notice your home’s struggling to retain heat or experience drafts, replacing your entry doors can promote efficiency and enhance security.

Our single and double entry doors are made from proven durable materials. They’re both great options for any property, but single entry doors are best for smaller buildings. 

Larger homes can accommodate double entry doors without them overwhelming the exterior. Ultimately, it’s up to you, but we’ll advise on the best options during your consultation.

Fibreglass is a popular material for entry doors due to its unrivalled durability and resistance to water. Many come with advanced locking systems for added security, making them a wise investment for homes in urban areas. 

We offer smooth fibreglass for modern homes or wood grain finishes, which bring traditional properties to life.

Yes, they do. We ensure you have long-term peace of mind and handle any necessary repairs. An expert will discuss the warranties available for each door when we visit your property and issue a quote.

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