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Replacement Windows

Revamp your home with our selection of Energy Star-rated replacement windows

When it’s time to invest in replacement windows, trust Van Isle Windows to meet your needs. We’re experts in manufacturing and installing customized windows that elevate your property’s curb appeal and promote energy efficiency. 

All of our windows are Energy Star-rated, giving your home maximum security and thermal efficiency without compromising style. 

Choose from a range of designs and benefit from a team of experts who will go out of their way to surpass your expectations.

Statement-making windows crafted to your specifications

The Vancouver Island climate can be cold and wet during the fall and winter, and the weather can affect your windows. If your property loses heat or acoustic performance, it’s probably time for a replacement. 

Opting for Energy Star-rated windows gives you peace of mind that your home will achieve optimal thermal performance and maintain security. 

We offer a selection of window styles and customization options for all architectural types. From modern windows with seamless functionality to traditional frames that inject character into any property, our replacement windows deliver on all bases.

Awning windows with white trim.

Casement Windows

Practical in design and versatile in style, casement windows have a unique outward opening hinge that enhances ventilation and allows natural light into your property. 

Known for their wind and rain resistance, replacement casement windows are a wise investment for homes in the mid-Vancouver Island communities. Our casement windows have double or triple panes and security features, including lever locks.

Slider Windows on a red house with white trim.

Slider Windows

Slider windows are unique, because they align with diverse property styles. Vertical sliders maintain a sense of tradition, making them ideal for homes with character, while horizontal sliders maintain the minimalistic appeal of modern properties. 

They’re built with robust locking mechanisms and removable vents for easy cleaning. Our customers can also choose between double and triple-paned glass.

A modern new home, recently constructed, in black and white.

Picture Windows

Modern technology means today’s picture windows go beyond aesthetic appeal and deliver unparalleled functionality. Our replacement picture windows have low emissivity glass and vinyl frames for optimal energy efficiency. 

Available in double or triple panes, you can tailor the design to your preferences and enjoy unobstructed views.

An older white house with character windows.

Character Windows

With our replacement character windows, historic properties don’t need to lose any of their unique charm. From attention-grabbing bay and bow windows to intricate curve-top designs, these windows retain timeless style without compromising modern functionality. 

We make these windows in our factory and can design exact replicas of your current character windows, adding modern glazing and security options.

Why choose us over other replacement window companies?

Replacement windows should serve as a long-term investment in your property, so don’t settle for anything less than absolute satisfaction. Founded in 1978, Van Isle Windows doesn’t just supply windows; we create them to your specifications in our factory. 

With a strong history of providing customers with high-performance frames that blend seamlessly with their properties, choosing us gives you access to a range of benefits.

Our windows are available in a variety of styles, giving you an enviable selection of frames and glass panes. Whether you prefer minimalistic windows that still manage to make an impression or traditional designs with intricate details, we'll always deliver.
By manufacturing our windows in-house, we give you customization options you wouldn't find with your average supplier.
Energy Star Compliant
Energy Star is the gold standard for windows, serving as a certificate of authentication for energy efficiency. All of our windows adhere to the strict criteria for achieving an Energy Star rating, ensuring you can benefit from more thermal efficiency.
These windows can reduce your utility bills and make a positive contribution to the environment, which is ever-important in the fight to lower our global carbon footprint.
Stree-Free Installment
Window installation shouldn't be a stressful experience, and our dedicated installation teams fit around your busy schedule. With certified installers, we approach each job with professionalism and guarantee a speedy replacement process.
In most cases, we'll complete the project in one day and even clean up after ourselves, so you won't need to worry.
Award-winning experts
Our decades of experience led to us winning multiple awards. With accolades from the Times Colonist, ThreeBestRated and the Torch Awards, we always strive to create a service that serves as your one-stop shop for replacement windows.
Proven professionalism
With a commitment to providing each customer with superior service, we're proud of the reputation we've developed.
As members of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Fenestration Canada and the Home Performance Contractor Network, we ensure you receive the best possible service.
Flexible payments
Investing in new windows shouldn't cause any financial strain, and our convenient payment options mean you can upgrade your home without the upfront costs. Split the costs into monthly payments and get the windows you deserve.
Applying for finance means your new windows can cost as little as $130 monthly for single-storey properties and $235 for two-storeys.

Ready to choose your replacement windows?

If you’d like to discover our window replacement services, please contact us for a free consultation today. A professional will visit your property and generate a quote based on your chosen window style and the scope of the project.


It depends on how many windows you need and which customization options you select. Each project has different requirements and needs, so we provide a free quote and can decide whether to proceed with the replacement windows. 

If you choose bow, bay, or curve-top windows, the prices will be higher than casement, picture, or sliding windows, but we always aim to provide a combination of value and quality.

Again, the duration of each window replacement project depends on its scope. We always aim to offer a convenient service and have certified installers to ensure a swift replacement, but large properties take longer than single-storey projects. 

During your free quote, we’ll give you a timeframe and always deliver within those limits.

Double panes (or double glazing) are advisable for all homes in the Mid Vancouver area, as they ensure heat retention and safeguard against significant energy bills. Triple panes are more effective, but the installation costs more money. 

Triple glazing is a positive investment if you want to block out exterior noise and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Star windows are the gold standard in efficiency. They can reduce your bills and contribute to sustainability. We choose to manufacture Energy Star windows because they align with our commitment to providing each customer with quality.

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