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Casement Windows

The Casement window design is one of the oldest known and is very well suited to areas of heavy weather. If the location of your home demands a rain and wind resistant solution, the Casement window from Van Isle Windows is the window to choose.

Every casement window features triple rubber seals to ensure that when the window is closed and locked, virtually no water penetrates to the inside of the window surface, even in the hardest gale. Our climate is particularly demanding of the hardware requirements of a modern window. All casement windows from Van Isle feature stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion.

Your casement windows will have rotary hardware operators and slimline lever locks. All casement windows feature a full, complimentary, screen. For combination windows that have casements mixed with non opening sashes you can expect a balanced frame for clean lines around the whole window, inside and out. Available in double or triple pane glass options.

Like every one of our windows, casements can be fitted with obscure glass for privacy, making them a great choice for a bathroom.

All of our triple pane windows meet 2020 Energy Star requirements.